Trade Ideas 2 month judgement day


It ‘s been almost 2 months, since we started posting trade ideas for our mobile subscribers.( for IOS market or for Android )

Its time to make a performance review of our ideas so far. We have proposed 7 trade ideas based on our quantamental models , which are Machine Learning algos using as features stock fundamentals & technicals specific to particular stocks, as well as factors which are not directly stock related but exhibit high correlation with the specific stocks.

Our stock universe comprises mainly of US stocks & ETFs with market cap of at least 200m USD.
Out of the 7 trade ideas we had 6 winners & one loser so far with an average annualized compounded performance of 510.35% , which is impressive to say the least.

The best performance came from VYGR a biotech name with 32.41% in 42 trading days and BDRY a shipping ETF with 14.17% in 10 trading days. The attached excel snapshot reviews the performance up to now.
Of course the overall bullish market has helped a lot our high volatile on average stock choices, but the overall market trend on its own is an input in our models.
At this stage some position liquidation(at least 50%) , especially for the most volatile and big winners so far names would be the wise thing to do.
Stay tuned for more wise (and hopefully lucky) choices!!

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