GO Markets offers a-Quant’s trading signals


We are excited to announce our new partnership with GoMarkets!

GO Markets an Australian market leader in CFD brokerage services, now provides to selected clients, high quality signals for the major FX pairs from a-Quant. These signals, which are generated from Machine Learning algorithmic models have an explicit form (Entry Price, Stop Loss, Take Profit) and an extremely high win rate > 72%. These signals also follow optimized Risk Management rules and help the traders to optimize their risk/reward ratio.

GoMarkets includes a-Quant’s services into the arsenal of its trading tools and their clients  can now enjoy high quality signals easily deployable to their trading and take advantage of cutting edge artificial intelligence technology due to a-Quant’s expertise.

Thomas Papapolyzos, founder and CEO of a-Quant said “a-Quant focuses on developing innovative and artificial intelligence based algorithms, for retail and institutional traders, which enhance considerably their trading performance. GO Markets is a knowledgable and reliable broker,  so we’re excited to offer our models to their clients in a signal service form.”


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