All you need about Cryptos Trading now in just one tab into a-Quant mobile app!!


a-Quant mobile application now offers a brand new Crypto Tab, that covers the 10 most popular Cryptocurrencies & enhances Crypto Trader’s results by delivering :

  • Real time quotes & Market news 
  • Crypto Predictor – an AI based Unique Algo Model  that gives quantified high probability predictions of  price and market direction for each currency
  • Trader’s Sentiment for each CryptoCurrency through a-Quant’s Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Trend strength estimation through a proprietary AI algorithm
  • Buyers vs Sellers market status which indicates Overbought and Oversold levels
  • Real Time Milestone Events affecting prices

You can try it now totally free of charge by downloading the new app version from GooglePlay or AppStore.
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