Some Growth Stocks with value


Choices not for the faint hearted!


If you think that the worst is near the end, then it would be wise to start building positions in some companies with a nice growth scenario offered in a very good price.

Our quantamental model raised the flag for the following stocks , assuming a not worst case scenario for the overall market.

1. Twitter(TWTR) now at 23.5 with a a target of 30-35 USD for the next 6 months and even more after that (Probability >76%)

2. MongoDB (MDB) now at 118.5 with a target of 150-160 for the next 9 months (Probability > 68.5%)

3. Cloudflare (NET) a previous year’s IPO now at 21 with a target of 30 for the next 9-12 months (Probability > 70.2%)

In our models , we have assumed a US market with 6-9 months return better than -5% from the current levels in the worst case scenario. In any case needless to say , extra caution is advised.

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