Blueprint Medicines Corporation (BPMC)

A Biotech stock, not related to Covid19


Blueprint Medicines Corporation (BPMC) is a biotech company developing drugs for rare forms of cancers genetically originated.

The company with a share price of 59.69 & a market cap of 3.4 billions USD which has nothing to do with the Corona Virus treatments , has lost more than 30% of its one month ago valuation.

It has popped up in our biotech Quantamental model which uses features like valuation absolute & relative, drugs on the making & time to release , price action & insiders actions etc. With a probability of more than 75% the price will surpass 80USD in the next 3-6 months for a possible return of more than 32%. For longer term investors the same model gives around 67% of reaching the 90 – 100 USD price levels in the next 12-18 months.

Needless to say the risk in this stock follow the biotech risk norm , which implies maximum caution & small sizing relative to other portfolio assets with lower risk & volatility.

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