Livongo (LVGO)

Back in June the 15th we sent to our Mobile Subscribers the following :
“Livongo (LVGO) is a digital health services vendor which provides clients with solutions that enable members with chronic health conditions to better manage their condition. With a price of 60 USD & a market cap of 5.87B USD is a last year’s IPO which has appreciated more than 300% since it’s lowest price of 17 during the pandemic. even though the recent run may become overextended , some quantitative metrics support a long term bright future. Our quantamental model gives a greater than 71.3% probability for the stock to surpass the 100 USD level in the next 12 months, assuming a no worse than -10% performance for the overall market(SP500)…”

There was no need to wait for the 100 level, for a better than 75% profit in 1 month.

Always with some luck & free money from the fire hose of course!

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