UPWORK (UPWK) – More than 65% profit in less than a month

3 weeks ago we sent the following BUY signal to our Stock subscribers for UPWK.

Now at 32.8 USD the trade gave more than 65% profit in less than a month. Our model was somehow very conservative.

“….MobileSent UPWORK (UPWK) now at 18.84 with a market cap of 2.27B is an online talent marketplace that enables businesses (clients) to find and work with various independent professionals and agencies (freelancers) in the United States, India, the Philippines, and internationally. The company’s platform provides access to talent with approximately 8,000 skills across approximately 70 categories, including content marketing, customer service, data science and analytics, graphic design, mobile development, sales, and web development. Its platform also enables clients to streamline workflows, such as talent sourcing, outreach, and contracting. Our momentum model indicates a probability of 71.2% to surpass 24 USD within the next 2-3 months & potentially very higher in the next 12 months. The risk is high at 5/5…”

What about now?
Although the so far run has been more than impressive, the stock has the potential to give much more to long term investors. So we would be watching a small retracement back to the 25-30 USD area in order to start again a position.

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