A-Quant app closed yesterday one of its best Stocks Predictions!

Marathon Oil (@MarathonOil) | Twitter

Company: Marathon Oil 

Ticker: MRO
Sector: Oil Industry
Position: LONG
Risk: 3/5

Description of the Company:
Marathon Oil Corporation, usually simply referred to as Marathon Oil, is an American petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company headquartered in the Marathon Oil Tower in Houston, Texas.

A-Quant Opened Signal:
Marathon Oil(MRO) now at 5.74 has a probability of 70.35% to surpass 7 USD within the next 6 months assuming a market(SP500) with performance no worse than -10%.

The Result:
Marathon Oil (MRO) Stock opened at the price of 5.73$ and closed some months later at the price of 10.33$ giving +79.93% Profit.

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