Even in bad times opportunities exist. Stay tuned in a-quant trading app!

On 11/05/2022, A-Quant Machine Learning models and advanced tools showed that “Planet Labs” company has high probability (74.2%) to achieve positive returns (with target price of $6 starting from $3.85 or in other words +55.8% return) in a timeframe of 12 months.
As of today (26/5/2022), S&P500 has +1.09% return (from 3,935 to 3,978) when at the same time A-Quant recommendation “Planet Labs” has achieved +48.83% return (from 3.85 to 5.73).

We understand that in this scary period (S&P500 is -17.05% YTD) investors’ mainly focus is to protect their portfolio and to pay close attention to their existing one (rather than adding new companies), but the right tools will be beneficial not only for portfolio protection but also for the reduction of losses or even better for substantial profits.

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