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US dollar Summary

In recent developments, the US Dollar Index (DXY) has exhibited fluctuations amid mixed economic indicators and evolving Federal Reserve (Fed) policy expectations. As of late December 2023, the DXY is trading near 101.20, despite recent data suggesting potential headwinds.

Economic data from the United States indicate a slight deceleration in growth, with the Gross Domestic Product Annualized (GDP) rate easing to 4.9%, compared to the anticipated 5.2%. The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey also reported a notable decline. However, a positive turn was seen in Initial Jobless Claims, coming in lower than expected at 205K, against a forecast of 215K. These mixed signals contribute to a complex economic landscape.

The Fed has adopted a dovish stance, reflecting the market’s expectation of potential interest rate cuts as early as the first quarter of 2024. This sentiment was echoed by Philadelphia Fed Bank President Patrick Harker, who expressed openness to rate reductions. Such expectations are being cautiously approached by central bank officials, emphasizing the need for time before implementing any potential rate cuts.

Market focus remains on the upcoming economic data releases, including the Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) data. Analysts anticipate these figures to print softer numbers, which could further influence the Fed’s monetary policy decisions. The projection for the US Core PCE Price Index is an increase of 3.3% for November, slightly lower than the previous month’s 3.5%. Concurrently, economists expect personal income and spending to see modest increases, potentially impacting demand-driven inflation.

As the year-end approaches, the foreign exchange market will likely witness minimal volatility, with a keen eye on the inflation measures and personal income/spending data. These factors will be critical in shaping the Fed’s rate cut decisions and the consequent direction of the US Dollar in the early months of 2024.


Market Views & Opinions

Economists at MUFG Bank think that although the dollar might continue to weaken due to existing momentum and market positioning in a low-volume environment, it may become more challenging to sell the dollar from a fundamental standpoint moving forward.

ING wrote about the dollar and today’s announcements on 19/12/2023 “Friday’s PCE and personal income numbers will be the last bits of data that can move the market before Christmas. Today, FX markets may stay quiet, and the general mood on the dollar could be modestly bearish unless we hear some more convincing pushback on rate cuts by Fed officials.



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