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Dynamic Portfolio Optimization


We develop and construct asset portfolios optimized & tailor made for different levels of investor’s risk tolerance. We propose & continuously monitor & readjust 5 different portfolios which assume 5 different risk tolerance levels, from very conservative to aggressive. Our methodology goes beyond traditional portfolio optimization techniques, taking advantage of Big Data Machine Learning prediction & clustering algorithms running on the cloud. Our suggested portfolios consist of ETFs representing  Indices, Currencies, Sectors, Countries, Commodities and other assets.


Trading Signals


We analyze & model various asset markets & produce trading signals for a number of different assets based on our Machine Learning prediction algorithms. Our models analyze Big Data from more than 12 different data sources of Fundamental, Market data & news and produce exact trading signals for individual assets or clusters of assets with high probability of success. Our signals have a horizon of some days to one year the most and can be used either as stand-alone suggestions or preferably under a bigger decision making framework with certain risk management rules.

Custom Solutions


We develop & provide tools & services to institutional investors, hedge funds, corporations & family offices in order to enhance their asset allocation & performance capabilities. Our team has the right blend of Artificial Intelligence tools & investment expertise with proven track record.

Crypto Portfolios & Signals


We combine a series of skills & expertise (Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Portfolio Theory, Technical Analysis, DeFi comprehension) and have created three crypto portfolios for every risk profile (Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive), categorized by their anticipated risk tolerance.



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Markets & Technology


We cover the USA, Europe and Asia markets, and the financial instruments we focus on are:
  • Indices
  • Futures
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Options
  • FX
  • ETFs
  • Cryptos

We aggregate millions of data points  from more than 12 different data sources and use a combination of machine learning algorithms for regime detection, sentiment analysis, clustering, cointegration and Hidden Markov Models  development in order to produce high probability trading ideas of certain risk/reward characteristics.
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Why a-Quant?
We are a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance with many years of trading experience, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia.
Our major scope is to provide individual traders & investors , both experienced & novice ones, powerful & easily accessible trading tools, that until recently were only used by institutional investors.
Are you ready to take the first steps into the future of finance? Join us!
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