For Institutional Investors

Quant as a Service

Thinking, Developing, Testing & Optimizing Trading Ideas & Systems 

Outsourcing Services & State of the art tools for portfolio construction & optimization combining predictive machine learning algorithms with successful trading practices, which give a significant edge towards achieving investment targets.

Best machine learning adaptive algos for portfolio optimization & recalibration

Real time back-testing & risk optimization techniques

Events & Anomaly detection algos for Alpha generation

Core Values combined with technical expertise

Our Competitive Advantage
  • Machine Learning Prediction Models & Back-testing tools for a large pool of assets.
  • Tera Bytes of Data aggregated from 12 different data sources.
  • Diversified Portfolios consisting of ETFs representing Indices, Currencies, Sectors, Countries, Commodities etc.
  • Anomaly & Event detection techniques for quick trading based generated Alpha (e.g. volatility based strategies).
  • Our models achieve in real settings & accounts Sharpe ratios comparable & sometimes greater than these of the best hedge & mutual funds worldwide.

Why us


a-Quant team comprises experts in AI, Computational Finance and Finance with many years of trading experience, having worked in Hedge Funds, big corporations, Research Institutes and operating from London, Greece and Cyprus.


  • Real time back-testing & selection of strategies based on machine learning algos
  • Our Strategies have low correlation with other common strategies
  • Combination of AI algos with fundamental & technical factors that gives trading signals of high reliability.



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